Friday, June 12, 2015

Websites to File Income Tax Return Online

File IT OnlineIncome Tax return is mandatory for income over Rs. 5 Lac from year 2013 .But those who have income less than Rs. 5 Lac they should also file IT online because IT return will help you to get any loan easily.Now a day there are so many websites who will file IT online for free or taking little money.

We think IT return is a hectic work ,so we generlly avoid to file IT-Return in time.There are so many data required to fill up ITR form.But from this year onwards ITR will be easy.For Indiavidual you can do it itself but for others it is tough to file IT Return.So they should take help of any chartered accountant or online tax consultant.So many websites are only to solve those problems and help you.

Websites to File Income Tax Return

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All above details are collected from their websites only.Rates may vary from whatever provided in the above table.Kindly contact service provider before getting confirm.Kindly contact us for any clarification or details.

Except all those above website you can file IT online yourself from IT Department site .
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