Saturday, May 9, 2015

Savings is the Best Source of Investment

Everybody wants to invest money for better future but are they aware that savings is the best source of investment.The sentence means that we have to save money if we want to invest.People in India are poor to save money.I am also lack from saving money.This is true but we need to improve on saving money,investment for future for better future.I have read an expert advice on and I felt everyone should keep it in mind.This is why I have written this article on saving money.

We people in India have an inborn tendency of spending money by purchasing unwanted things.If we think deeply or remind our past in through we will found that we have spend money on services or buying goods what do not need so much, we can easily manage if we did not purchase those things.I am not telling that you don't spend any money for luxury or fun but you should know your limit very well or it can be called as you should have control on yourself.

In past days you can remind that our parents' or grandparents' income was less but still they saved money,it was not mysterious,it was accountability which is required to everyone.Accountability mean keep recording or writing your earning and expenditure.Present generation is lack of accountability and it is growing day-to-day (record says).

Last year I have read a survey result on TOI that in India maximum salaried persons don't save enough money for their retirement.I think it is true for us.We need to save money for long-term investment for our future ,our sons future also.Generally we  saved money for education,marriage of our child and also for our survivals also.Long term and short-term investment can fulfill our dreams successfully.

Above sentences are enough for understanding the necessity of saving, necessity of investment.I think I have said too much but it is really true that savings is the best source of investment.So keep saving money from daily earning for better investment.

Take a look on Savings Schemes on Post Offices or Easy Steps to Open a PPF Account in SBI

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