Friday, April 17, 2015

5 Reasons to Buy Gold in Akshaya Tritiya

Gold is a one of the best option for investment.In previous days there was not so many saving option like PPF,Recurring Deposit,Fixed Deposit etc. ,our parents invested money in terms of buying gold.In long term investment gold is always give a good return.No a days we are also investing money in purchasing gold.Generally we buy gold in certain occasions like Durga Pujo,Dussera or Dhanteras and also before any marriage ceremony and so on.But specially we buy gold in Akshaya Tritiya.So here we will discuss 5 Reasons to Buy Gold in Akshaya Tritiya.

5 Reasons to Buy Gold in Akshaya Tritiya

  1. In India there are so many festivals,Akshaya Tritiya is one of those.In this day we generally invest money in purchasing something new.So Gold is the best option for investing money.In long term gold always return high.But you should not buy gold ornaments if you are thinking for investment because we you want to sell it there will be a mind game on selling gold.So you should buy in pure 24 carat gold.Gold Bar

  2. If you purchase pure 24 carat gold ,you can convert it to ornament in future according to your need.It will cost a little making charges and also it will possible in any local jewellery shop.

  3. Gold is smaller in size which can be kept safe easily in lockers and also in home.In past days people kept their ornaments at almirah safely.Now a days you can keep it in bank lockers which is easy available.

  4. Gold never fades over time.It will always as it was at the time of purchase.Gold never loose its value.You can easily gift any family person to their marriages and also other occasions.

  5. Gold is one think which can be sold any time with high value.You can also take a gold loan from any bank by submitting your gold or gold jewellery to bank.

Except all the above five points there are so many benefit of investing money in gold.Now a days you can purchase gold in through your demat account.It will not be physical gold bar,it will be gold in form of money.But you can convert it to physical gold also.In demat account it will be like 1 unit of e-gold is equal to 1 gm of gold.

So start investing money in purchasing gold from this Akshaya Tritiya.Happy investment.

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