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How to check Provident Fund (PF) account balance Online

Do you know that you can check provident fund (PF) account balance online?If you don’t know then here I will say you the detail procedure to check your Provident Fund balance online.

Many of us got a hard copy of PF statement at end of every financial year from their employer  but there are also many employees  those who are not getting any data from their employer.So PF department has started this facility to view the Provident Fund (PF) balance online.Epfo_logo

This PF account balance online checking facility has started by Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) on 1st July 2011.From year 2015 EPFO has launched Universal Account Number (UAN) through which you have to check your PF account balance. Every employee have to collect their UAN from EPFO website and have to activate the same to check the PF balance.Here below we will describe step by step how to check PF balance with the newly introduced UAN service from EPFO.

Every employee have to know their own UAN to check PF balance.Now the question is how you will know what is your UAN ?Don't worry EPFO has generated a unique UAN against your PF account number ,now just you have to collect the number from EPFO website. So just follow the below process -

Step 1 :  First visit the link of  EPFO Employees  site  to go to EPFO Employees' portion.

Step 1

Step 2 : After opening the EPFO Employees site just click on Know Your UAN Status and put the details of your PF account number as on the prescribed format as given in the below screenshot and click on check status to get your UAN number.After successful process completion you will get a 12 digit unique number like XXXXYYYYZZZZ .

Step 2Step 3

Help :
I don't know how many of you know the full details of your PF Account number.Here I have given the full details of PF account number for your easy understanding.From the below example you can easily understand you PF account number or pension account number.If you feel any problem after such an wonderful example then kindly contact with your employer for the details of your PF account number.


MH - Region Code of Your PF Office (Where Your Employer Submit PF for You)

BAN - Office Code of Your PF Office (Where Your Employer Submit PF for You)

XXXXXXX - Establishment Code (Maximum 7 Digit , Put 0 before your code to make 7 digit) 

                           Search Establishment code

XXX - Extention Code (Find your extention code Here) .You may leave it blank if don't know.

XXXXXXX - Your Pension Account No. (Ask your Employer for Pension Scheme A/C No.)

(Maximum 7 Digit , Put 0 before your code to make 7 digit)

Step3 : Now you have to activate the UAN for logging in to your PF account.Click on UAN Member e-Sewa to activate the UAN.Now check the button and put the required details like UAN ,mobile number ,PF details with number to activate the UAN.

Step 4Step 5AStep 5B

Step 4 : Now after successful activation you need to login to your account to view the details of your PF account like PF account balance ,PF account transfer and more.So click here to login with UAN and password send to you via SMS  on your recently registered mobile number.

Step 6

Step 5 : Now you can check your PF balance by downloading passbook of your PF account.Click on Download and then Download Passbook. Screenshot of same attached below -

Step 7

There are so many other services also started by EPFO.We will discuss on the other services in our next post on PF account on Universal Account Portal.

Now there are two types of companies,one of them submit their PF amount to EPFO and another one has own PF trusts.Now for the first one you can easily got your PF account balance by following the above process but for second one your company will maintain the all data in their own websites or portals from where you can easily check your PF account balance.
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  1. Chack balance

  2. Hi I can not get your query.Kindly re-post your query.

  3. i want to know PF balance

  4. Dear Mr. Sanjit,
    You can view Your PF Balance from the link given .Just follow the steps written in the article.

  5. i want no pf balance what there no , how can no it,
    my pf no: mh/48392/644

  6. i want no pf balance what there no , how can no it,
    my pf no: mh/48392/644
    please reply me my ph no : 9600100486, or email:, pls help for my question, pls ans it

  7. Hi Zehara, I have updated the post with all details and screenshot it will help you to check your PF balance.Now you can check yourself.

  8. i want no pf balance what there no how can no it my pf no tn/35791/340572 please reply me mob number 91 9646561004 or email pls help for my question pls ans it pls reply

  9. I have already added a screenshot of the total process.Kindly follow it to get your PF details.Any help required during this time please contact us.

  10. mahesh kumar vasesthaAugust 21, 2015 at 7:49 PM

    kindly tell me about my balance

  11. Hi Mahesh,
    Please visit to UAN Member Portal to view the all details.First you have to login and then you can view.If have not activated your UAN then please activate first.

    PF NO- DL/CPM/0029027/000/0072595

  13. Hi Santosh Please ask your employer for UAN number.Your employer will provide you UAN number.

  14. Hi Santosh You need your pension number to check PF balance.Now you can check your pf easily after activating your UAN number.

  15. sir mera paisa fsa hua purana epf ka aur jid plant m mai kam kr rga tha wovolant banf ho gya mujhe apna paisa nikalana kaise nukalu koi help kr ske to btao plz mai usjo kuch % dene ke liye taiyar hu bt paisa chaiye mujhe utgenge m :(

  16. mera contact no. 9406392311 mera band hue 13 ho gye h bt paidsa abi tak ni nikal paya h plz help me

  17. Rakesh Kumar payasiDecember 23, 2015 at 1:55 PM

    pf balanc

  18. Hi sir
    my name md sohaib alam
    my pf no.0114670
    please infor me my pf A/c balanc
    my mobile no.7488503123

  19. Please follow our article on Check PF Balance Online.

  20. Hi, myself swetha after how many days i ll get UAN r is there any other method to find pf without UAN.

  21. Hi Swetha,
    Are u working in any private firm or govt. organization?If yes then your employer will provide you the UAN number.If no then you have to apply for UAN number individually.Kindly call on 1800118005 on any Working day between 7 AM to 8 PM .They may provide you all the details.
    I think there are no any other ways to know your PF details.

  22. No need to login to epf website. Just download EPFO app from google play store. Enter your UAN number and mobile number. It displays your epf balance without any username & passwords.