Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Special Home Loan for Self Employed from Axis Bank

One of the largest private sector bank ,Axis Bank today introduced a special home loan scheme for self employed only.Lenders have to take this loan in 1 percent greater than the base rate for salaried persons,but lower than the normal market rate ,according to Jairam Sridharan ,head of consumer leading,Axis Bank.

According to the head person the self employed group is a risker group than salaried group to giving loan ,but seeing the condition about difficulties for getting loan for a self employer ,Axis Bank has introduced such type of scheme.Initial rate for self employed borrower will be  11 percent .Bank is mainly targeting small businessman,traders for giving home loan.

As on present condition half of the nation is full of self employed person,so bank will give loan by viewing the last two three year good credit history of borrowers.


Source : Economics Times.
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