Friday, April 27, 2012

Central Oil Ministry Asked to reduce petrol tax of Rs 6/Litre

To control the price rise of petrol central oil ministry said to reduce petrol tax of Rs 6 on every litre of petrol .But finance minister is not agreed to reduce tax because already govt has given levies of Rs. 49000 in last year.petrol-price-hike

The oil ministry requested to state oil companies to wait because the companies said to oil ministry that either govt have to give a tax deduction of Rs.6/litre otherwise they will rise price of petrol by Rs 8 /litre .

The oil minister wants that the extra addition of excess duty to be removed so that price rise of petrol can be controlled as possible.Now Rs 14.78 is the total levies by govt which includes education cess.

Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum said that either govt have to control on tax either have rise the price of petrol.

All are waiting for the diction come from finance ministry which will tell whether petrol price will rise or not.
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