Thursday, March 15, 2012

Railway Budget 2012-2013

Railway Budget

  1. Indian Railways will target zero deaths by preventing train accidents.

  2. All railway level crossings will be removed in the next five years.

  3. To create SPV to eliminate all level crossings.

  4. The recommendations of the Anil Kakodkar Committee on Indian Railway’s safety will be implemented.

  5. Railway Minister demands Budgetary Support of Rs. 2.5 lakh from the Government for FY13.

  6.  Rs. 5 lakh crores needed under the Prime Minister’s scheme.

  7.  Rs. 14 lakh crores are required over the next decade.

  8. Signaling systems of Indian Railways will be modernized.

  9. To facilitate running of heavier and longer freight trains.

  10. Need Rs. 45,000 crores budgetary support in FY13 vs Rs. 24,000 crores.

  11. Alternative train accommodation system for waitlisted passengers proposed.

  12. Special housekeeping body proposed for cleanliness on trains, stations.

  13. Cleanliness standards to be improved within next six months.

  14. Proposal for escalators on stations, book-a-meal, AC lounge to accommodate wait listed passengers.

  15. Project proposed to connect Agartala to Bangladesh.

  16. A railway design centre to be set up at NID.

  17. Railways must get at least 10% of Government’s infrastructure funds.

  18. Proposes formation of Railway Research Development Council.

  19. Indian Railways has large basket of pending projects.

  20. Most ongoing projects cannot be completed in a time bound manner due to paucity of funds.

  21. Need viable funding mechanism to complete the ongoing projects.

  22. 487 Rail Gauge projects worth Rs. 1 lakh crore have been approved.

  23. Railways aims for an operating ratio of 84.9% in FY13 vs. 95% now.

  24. Indian Railways aims to cut the operating ratio to 74% in future.

  25. The 12th five-year plan investment on Indian Railways is pegged at Rs. 7.35 lakh crores.

  26. The internal resources of railways are pegged at Rs. 1.99 lakh crores.

  27. Proposes to account for 2-2.5% of GDP as against 1% at present.

  28. Railways must grow at 10% annually to sustain India’s GDP growth.

  29. Need a national policy for Indian Railways.

  30. Dedicated freight corridor from Ludhiana to Dankuni and Dadri to JN Port.

  31. Elevated car project from Churchgate to Virar through PPP route to be studied.

  32. Attempt to increase train speeds to 160 kmph.

  33. Conversion of DC to AC completed n western railways in Mumbai.

  34. Special coaches planned for differently-abled.

  35. 31 projects of over 5,000 km being implemented with the support of state governments.

  36. More than 1 lakh persons to be recruited by Railways in 2012-13.

  37. 2500 coaches to be equipped with DRDO developed bio-toilets.

  38. Proposal to set up special housekeeping body to ensure cleanliness in trains, stations.

  39. Propose to manufacture disabled friendly coaches with 2 attendants.

  40. Plan to set up rail coach factory in Kerala.

  41. Proposes investment of Rs. 18,193 crores in rolling stock for FY13.

  42. Investment of Rs. 1.7 lakh crores required over the next five years.

  43. Proposes formation of Indian Railways Station Development Corporation.

  44. The Railway Safety Fund is pegged at Rs. 16,842 crores.

  45. Proposes 100 stations through PPP route over the next five years.

  46. Development of new stations will create 50,000 jobs.

  47. FY13 market borrowings pegged at Rs. 50,000 crores.

  48.  Rs. 6,870 crores earmarked for new line projects in FY13.

  49. Gross Budgetary Fund is pegged at Rs. 24,000 crores.

  50. Proposes Rs. 6,647 crores for track modernisation.

  51. 6,500 km to be electrified in the 12th Five-Year Plan.

  52.  Rs. 4,410 crores allocated for capacity augmentation.

  53. Railways to have two new board members for PPP and Marketing, and for Safety.

  54. Improvement of passenger amenities at a cost of Rs. 1,112 crore.

  55. Proposes to upgrade 929 stations across the country.

  56. Plan to set up three disaster management training centres at Bengaluru, Kharagpur and Lucknow.

Hike in Passenger fares:

  • 2 paise/km for Suburban and Second class,

  • 3 paise/km for Mail/Express Second class,

  • 5 paise/km for Sleeper Class (SL),

  • 10 paise/km for A/c Chair Car, A/C 3 Tier and First Class,

  • 15 Paise/km for A/C 2 Tier and

  • 30 Paise/km for A/c 1.

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